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    With duet narration by Jason Clarke and Stella Hunter. A sexy, single-dad romance stand-alone.

    Don’t sleep with the nanny.

    That should be a simple rule to follow, but some things are easier said than done.

    Especially when the nanny I hire to take care of my wild child daughter turns out to be the one I can’t forget. The woman I shared a red-hot anonymous kiss with a few weeks ago when we were trapped in an elevator? Yeah, seems she’s one and the same - sweet, sexy, irresistible Daisy.

    When she shows up in town, fresh-faced and ready to care for my kid, it hits me like a kick from a stubborn mare. I’m in way over my head.

    I’ve been fantasizing about seeing my elevator woman again. And now I’m seeing her every damn day at the breakfast table, or at the playground with my adorable daughter. Daisy is exactly what my little girl needs. But every day I spend with Daisy makes me want her more, only I can't have her. I won’t risk breaking the unbreakable rule to take a chance at love.

    Until the night I do.

    ©2021 Kim Loraine (P)2021 Kim Loraine

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