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    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Burke is a typical college freshman. Classes, a study group, family, and friends take up most of her waking hours. For the first time in her life, she even has two guys fighting over her. Life is full, albeit a tad crazy, as Lizzie balances school with her responsibilities at the family owned bed-and-breakfast, All Tucked Inn.

    Everything is perfect - until her best friend, Michelle, disappears.

    With no clue of Michelle's fate, fear dominates the previously calm town. The two guys vying for Lizzie's attention begin acting strange. Brad insists on providing the most cryptic of conversations and Tyler is showing a controlling side, possibly even a tendency for violence.

    Hope for Michelle's safe return is shattered when a second female student vanishes, again without a single trace. Lizzie's terror is soon realized as she is exposed to the psychological twists in the mind of a sociopath.

    ©2015 Mindy M. Shelton (P)2016 Mindy M. Shelton

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