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    All Gone is all action, all adventure, and all romance from acclaimed authors Joel Goldman and Lisa Klink, thriller masters at the top of their game.

    Professional thieves steal the four remaining original copies of the Magna Carta from an impenetrable London museum and demand a 100 million pound ransom in five days. If the museum calls the police or misses the deadline, the priceless documents will be shredded.

    There are only two people who can find the artifacts in time: Cassie Ireland, a thief who catches thieves, and Jake Carter, a gambler who knows the odds and thrives on high-stakes risk. Together they race against time to recover the relics...while evading the law and a team of assassins determined to stop them dead.

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    ©2018 Character Flaw Press, LLC (P)2018 Character Flaw Press, LLC


    "You’d better read this with oven-mitts because this caper is a scorcher!” (Lee Goldberg, New York Times best-selling author of True Fiction) 

    "A thinking person’s thriller packed with action and suspense!” (Reed Farrel Coleman, Shamus Award-winning author of Where It Hurts)

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