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The Complete 12 Books of the DEAD Series
Autor: T. W. Brown
Sprecher: Andrew McFerrin
Spieldauer: 143 Std. und 15 Min.
Kategorien: English - Fiction, Horror

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Here it is in its entirety. You have 12 books and well over one million words of zombie goodness.

The dead walk!

Welcome to the world of T. W. Brown's DEAD saga. This raw, violent, and brutal world isn't populated with military supermen and women, or preppers that have been waiting for the human extinction event to arrive. This is a world of normal people...some good, some bad...and some pure evil.

This is a global look at the end of the world. Follow Steve and his group as you see the apocalypse unfold through a single person's eyes. With the geeks, you meet four young men who thought a zombie apocalypse would be cool...and quickly discover that it really isn't.

In the vignettes, you will get short glimpses of the state the world has fallen into. Some will only be a single offering. Others might stick around for a while, but rest assured...nobody is safe.

Welcome to T. W. Brown's DEAD world.

©2018 T. W. Brown (P)2019 T. W. Brown

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