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    For Kat Dubois, death is only the beginning....

    Kat is on a mission, and the fate of the universe depends on whether or not she succeeds. She must journey into the heart of the underworld and track down Isfet before time runs out. Before the bonding withdrawals claim her bond-mate’s life and her ticket out of the afterlife vanishes.

    Before the Mother of All attacks.

    For once, luck is on Kat’s side. Some of her closest friends and most trusted allies have her back, even in the hereafter. The mission should be a breeze. But it doesn’t take Kat long to realize that the underworld is far more dangerous than she ever could have imagined....

    More in the Echo World:

    Echo Trilogy

    • Echo in Time
    • Resonance (an Echo Trilogy novella)
    • Time Anomaly
    • Dissonance (an Echo Trilogy novella)
    • Ricochet Through Time

    Kat Dubois Chronicles

    • Ink Witch
    • Outcast
    • Underground
    • Soul Eater
    • Judgement
    • Afterlife
    ©2018 Rubus Press (P)2018 Rubus Press

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