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    Adults who have been undiagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) often face a daily struggle but remain unaware there is a way to make life better.  

    This audiobook explains the process of autism diagnosis, answering the questions that follow: 

    • What is autism spectrum disorder (ASD)? 
    • What does an ASD assessment entail? 
    • Should I share this with my friends and family? 
    • What do I do once I'm diagnosed? 
    • What's the best way to cope with the emotional impact of the diagnosis? 
    • And much more.  

    All the above questions are answered in this audiobook through a former patient's personal account after being diagnosed with autism. Containing humorous anecdotes and stories, this audiobook provides an alternative perspective of looking at autism spectrum disorder.  

    Here's what you're going to discover in this audiobook: 

    • Practical strategies to reduce stress and maximize progress. 
    • Tactics to assess everyday thoughts and patterns that are disruptive. 
    • Road maps and mind-sets to navigate daily life. 
    • Strategies for improving communication, social skills, and making friends.  

    The experiences in this audiobook highlight the reflections of a man coming to peace with his diagnosis and how this was his path to serenity.   

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    ©2018 Una Cuthbert (P)2018 Una Cuthbert

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