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    Adults who have suffered from an abusive childhood often have a difficult time functioning normally and forming meaningful relationships. They grew up in an environment that was considered abnormal by society's standards, so it becomes very hard for them to understand what exactly a normal relationship is.

    The mental and social effects of emotional abuse are perhaps the most complicated and prevalent. No matter what type of abuse a child suffers from, they will experience some kind of emotional or social consequence as a result. Once the child becomes an adult, these traits or thinking patterns have become second nature and it becomes far more difficult to change.

    A person's will is at the heart of their ability to change. Will is what controls the human personality. It gives a person permission to express themselves. Will must give them permission to change, in order for reprogramming of the mind to truly work. When a person takes control of their conditioning, they take back the keys to their own destiny. They no longer allow their traumatic past to control their lives or allow others to manipulate them.

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