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    The streets of Whitechapel are a savage place to grow up, especially during the terrible winter of 1895. Even before she was brought into the world, the odds were stacked against Effie Wilson. 

    Born to two irresponsible, alcoholic parents, Effie is the eldest of five children - none of whom really stand a chance. Matters are made even worse when Effie’s parents disappear one day, never to return.

    Effie, who is only 13, and her brother John need to care for their three little sisters, but London is no place for children on their own. Scrambling to stave off starvation and homelessness, Effie and John disagree on how to protect their siblings.

    Now alone with her sisters, Effie will do anything for them, but she’s beginning to realize that her efforts will never be enough. Her only hope could rest in Willie Green, a sweet boy with bright hazel eyes who comes and goes from Effie’s life.

    If only she knew when he might appear again...

    ©2020 Tica House Publishing LLC (P)2020 Tica House Publishing LLC

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