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    A New Life is written as a fantasy with heart. It portrays the author's love of God, nature, and family. It is my hope that you, the listener, will be transported to a simpler time and place. You may even see a bit of yourself in the characters of the story, but they are actually fashioned after my own family.

    After suffering a great loss, the characters in the story have to leave the home they love and everything familiar as they begin a new life, in a new place. Facing the unknown, the four sisters in the story use their faith in God and dependence on each other to overcome the obstacles they encounter.

    During their adventures, the sisters make new friends and form lasting friendships with others that are very different than themselves. They also face inner struggles as each one has to examine their personal weaknesses and shortcomings. Their new friends help them face their fears, build their fortitude, and find forgiveness. In return, the four sisters give their friends a special gift that changes their lives.

    So come away from the cares of this world. Step into the woodlands where you can find yourself surrounded by green trees, inhale the fresh fragrance of the earth, feel the mist of a beautiful waterfall, and watch the woodland creatures. Come be a part of our adventures. You may just find your life is changed for the better, and you, too, may begin a new life.

    ©2020 Debra Beveridge-Scott (P)2021 Debra Beveridge-Scott

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