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    A Buddhist life is lived with peace, joy and contentment: each day can be a step along the path to true enlightenment. To live by these values every day takes patience, skill and knowledge, but it is hugely rewarding. This book can show you how to begin to do so in just one hour.

    60 Minutes to Master Buddhism covers the history of the Buddha; the core ideas behind his teachings, from the importance of meditation to the value of life; as well as a range of techniques and practices to allow you to live through the teachings every day.

    You'll learn about:

    • Meditation and the calming of the mind
    • Past lives and their significance
    • The importance of mantras and visualisation
    • The value of ritual and devotion

    This audiobook brings you lessons from an expert in the field. 60 Minutes to Master Buddhism will show you how to live with joy and purpose every day.

    ©2017 Michael Chaskalson (P)2017 HarperCollins Publishers

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