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    Currently, the average life span of a human being is 75 years, which translates to 28,000 days. My question to you is, What will you do with your 28,000 days? 28,000 Days...Make Yours Count! offers its listeners practical and tested suggestions on how to rise to their God-given potential and live their best lives. Each chapter offers a view of life through the lens of someone whose tragedies might easily have caused her to see herself as a victim of her circumstances. But, instead, Kara Vaval Ferrier decided to learn the lessons in her experiences and rise above them. 

    An easy listen, 28,000 days...Make Yours Count! clearly lays out the approaches to life to which Kara credits her success. She shares them with the conviction that, if applied, the principles will undoubtedly produce similar results for the committed listener.

    ©2016 Kara Vaval Ferrier (P)2018 Kara Vaval Ferrier

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