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    Two boys out sledging in their local park find the body of an old woman in the snow. Who is she? How did she come to be there?

    Over 10 episodes, this compelling series moves backwards and forwards in time to reveal the chain of events that led her to that point. We meet members of her family, her friends and the people she has encountered, all of whom provide clues to help us put the puzzle together. From the police and paramedics to the nurses and residents in an old people's home, each character has their own relationships and circumstances - and on our journey to understanding the old woman's story, we hear theirs too, combining to form a brilliant kaleidoscope of modern life and love.

    Christine Bottomley, Marcia Warren, Neil Dudgeon, Amelia Bullmore and John Rowe are among the stars in Katie Hims' funny, poignant drama.

    Directed by Mary Peate.


    Ryan - Harry Grasby

    Jackson - Aaron Gelkoff

    Mick - David Reed

    Hayley - Christine Bottomley

    Kadija - Nahel Tzegai

    Pat/Shirley - Heather Craney

    Rose - Jessica Turner

    Frank/Taxi driver - Neil McCaul

    Marion - Marcia Warren

    Zoe - Amanda Wilkin

    Eve - Sinead MacInnes

    Bloke/Phil - Ian Conningham

    Eli/Ben - Greg Jones

    Ozzy - Ikky Elyas

    Ned/Baxter - Will Kirk

    Call Handler/Girl - Scarlett Courtney

    Joe - John Rowe

    Lee - Neil Dudgeon

    Saskia - Amelia Bullmore

    First broadcast on BBC Radio 4, 3rd-14th February 2020.

    ©2021 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd (P)2021 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd

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