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    Beschreibung von Audible

    A sobering piece of fictional journalism, 2084 presents a dystopian future where global warming has taken a terrible toll on the world. Told in the form of retroactive oral histories by 18 interview subjects, these stories are saturated with loss and regret. Narrator Gary Dikeos' intuitive performance isolates the emotions of each speaker, using variations in the depth of his voice and a subtle use of accents to create distinct personalities that will linger in listeners' minds. 2084 is a call to action to prevent an all-too-possible future.


    By 2084, global warming has proven worse than even the worst-case projections of scientists at the turn of the century. No country and no individual has escaped. Through interviews, this book of oral history captures the effects of the Great Warming on various countries and individuals, as reported in the year 2084.

    ©2011 James Lawrence Powell (P)2013 Audible Inc.

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