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Vale Short Stories, Book 11
Sprecher: Daniel Dorse
Spieldauer: 8 Min.

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Out of time and place, Wreaker walks into a coffee shop on Long Island. They do not take gold bullion for payment. They do not hand pluck their tea leaves from the tree of life. Their tables can't even support the weight of Öfugr, his sacred ancient weapon.  

So how will he ever get his coffee? 

Praise for Lancelot Schaubert and Bell Hammers:

Bell Hammers is written in a style not unworthy of John Kennedy Toole and William Faulkner - the vivid characterization of Southern ethnography commingled with stark, episodic spectacle breathes with the spirit of quintessential Americana. It is a text I would happily assign in an American Novel class and would expect it to yield satisfying discourse alongside works in the canon, whether beside the sardonic prose of Mark Twain or the energetically painful narratives of Toni Morrison.” (Dr. Anthony Cirilla)

“Schaubert’s words have an immediacy, a potency, an intimacy that grab the reader by the collar and say, ‘Listen, this is important!’ Probing the bones and gristle of humanity, Lancelot’s subjects challenge, but also offer insights into redemption if only we will stop and pay attention.” (Erika Robuck, national best-selling author of Hemingway’s Girl)

“Loved Bell Hammers because Lancelot wrote about people who don’t get written about enough and he did it with humor, compassion, and heart.” (Brian Slatterly, author of Lost Everything and editor of The New Haven Review)

©2020 Lancelot Schaubert (P)2020 Lancelot Schaubert

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