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    The number one new release on Amazon in 45-minute self-help books.

    Having bipolar disorder can make simple tasks feel like climbing mountains. There are many aspects to the illness that can we can overcome. There are important areas of our life such as fitness, money, and triggers that need to be addressed.

    Not only do I have bipolar disorder but I am also a family member with people with bipolar disorder. Not only do I live with bipolar disorder, I also understand the issues we face and how to solve them. We have our good days and bad days just like anyone else. Our illness is no different than any other, as far as treatment and self-care are concerned. 

    Remember, we can survive, and we can thrive!

    Here's why you'll find this audiobook useful:

    • Easy to listen/listener-friendly
    • Encourages note-taking 
    • Ideal for young listeners, too
    • Great for some newly diagnosed with bipolar disorder
    • Easy to follow and listen along with family and friends 
    ©2018 Amy Perez, MS Psychology (P)2020 Amy Perez, MS Psychology

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