The Mountain

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Journeys to Elgobon: The Mountain (Volume 1) Inhaltsangabe

Experience the psychological mind-bender adventure that sends Tiz on a mysterious, motivational journey - but also into a mental institution. 

Their band, FLYtheBLUE, has reached the top, with number-one songs on the radio around the world. But Tiz claims a great quest is leading him on a distant adventure to places never seen, to attain things not known, and experience things never thought.... The world wants to hear his music, and all he has to do is admit the journey was make-believe...but he swears he has proof it wasn’t only in his mind. Is it real, or an illusion? His story, plus 18 songs he wrote, bring you: Journeys to Elgobon. 

“The ten Rules the old man said to find were mostly what interested me. ‘The secrets of life’, he said. He’s the one that encouraged my great journey. But after he spoke, as I slowly walked away from meeting him, I thought his little discourse was strange, and yet intriguing, but mostly bizarre, and I had to chuckle. He had said, ‘When you have them all, put them together and the puzzles are complete. They make up the Maps of Ages that lead to a treasure of ultimate success: gold and riches if you like, or fancy cars and mansions, or island retreats in faraway places - or perhaps the ultimate for you is peace of mind. You will have to find the Rules, reach the Mountain, and pass Gate One to fulfill your quest to reach Elgobon.’ 

“Then I started on my perilous, distant journey through landscapes never seen and years of time...."

Music soundtrack: 30-second previews of all 18 songs, CD, and further information is available at

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