The Immortal Vagabond Healer

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Out of Nowhere Inhaltsangabe

Healer Sean Danet is immortal - a fact he has cloaked for centuries, behind enemy lines and now a paramedic’s uniform. Having forgotten most of his distant past, he has finally found peace - and love.

But there are some things you cannot escape, however much distance you put behind you.

When Sean heals the wrong man, he uncovers a lethal enemy who holds all the cards. And this time he can’t run. It’s time to stand and fight, for himself, for his friends, for the woman he loves. It’s time, finally, for Sean to face his past - and choose a future.

A story of love, of battle, and of facing your true self when there’s nowhere left to hide.

©2016 Michael Gallant (P)2019 Michael Gallant
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