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When the Animals Don't Want to Wash Inhaltsangabe

The animals are back! This delightful series tells the story of what happens when the animals, like many young children, don't want to wash, eat, sleep, behave, share, go to school, take their medicine, or get vaccinated. In episode one we talk about washing and personal hygiene. Our little listeners will find that their favorite animals don't want to wash: "No, no, no...I don't want to wash!" What can we do about it?

There is something special about this new audiobook. One can only imagine how much it can benefit many children because of the message it conveys about personal hygiene. The audiobook will also please all the parents who struggle with their little ones at bath time or at any other moment when personal hygiene is paramount.

©2015 J.N. PAQUET (P)2015 JNPAQUET Books Ltd
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