The Artania Chronicles

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Artania: The Pharaohs' Cry Inhaltsangabe

Eleven-year-old Bartholomew can’t go to school, play outside, or worst of all, make art - so he sketches in secret. 

After he meets the skateboarding painter Alexander DeVinci, they're yanked into another realm by a magical painting. Their own world is very different in comparison to Artania: a world with living paintings and sculptures. 

They soon learn that Artania is on the verge of destruction, and Bartholomew's art is the only thing that can save it. With both gods and goddesses at his side, Bartholomew braves battles, duels, and skateboarding escapes. 

But even with his growing powers, can he defeat the evil Sickhert's army and bring art back to the world? 

©2017 Laurie Woodward (P)2019 Laurie Woodward
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