The Age of Miracles Is Back: A Twelve Step Prayer Book for God’s Help with Addictions, Alcoholism & Substance Abuse

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The Age Of Miracles Is Back: A Twelve Step Prayer Book For God’s Help With Addictions, Alcoholism & Substance Abuse: All 12 Steps Inhaltsangabe

This is a Corporate and Personal Prayer Book against every ADDICTION and even thought processes that become obsessive. Glenn Langohr delves into the History of the Twelve Step Program to show YOU that it was originally from Dr. and Minister Frank Buchman, who saw that his Anger blocked him from Seeing God's Plan. So he started making disciples to the ends of the earth. The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous says to "abandon yourself to God, Admit your faults to Him and your fellows", and to give away the freedom You have found.

This book takes that history and helps you turn it into a "Prayer without ceasing" while learning more about each Step from POWERLESSNESS, TO REPENTANCE, TO DISCIPLESHIP, TO TESTIMONY, TO A DAILY INVENTORY to watch for TRIGGERS. This book will help YOU understand addiction and help YOUR PRAYER LIFE. Addiction is a SPIRITUAL WAR. so put on the FULL ARMOR OF GOD.

200 People died PER DAY of drug overdose in 2017. Approximately 65% of that from "Legal Medicines" from Big Pharma drug dealers. Revelations 18: 23

"They have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and the Word of their TESTIMONY" Revelations 12: 11
©2018 Glenn Langohr (P)2018 Glenn Langohr
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