Sword of Esconcia

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Knight Blazer Inhaltsangabe

In a world where evil is getting stronger and darkness is rising, new hope is needed. Raiden, who wants to prove himself as a warrior, finds a path opens up for him through the Portal of Ravacore, to a new world filled with evil Rakshasas! Who is the dragon girl, Arisha, whom he encounters and why is she fiercely passionate in the defense of the realm? Does Raiden have enough faith to survive in this magical world and also handle Arisha's hostility? Find out in this thrilling adventure, as whoever succeeds in taking up the Sword of Esoncia must rise victorious as the champion of the light...

Introducing Grafor - Extract From Chapter 2 - Dragon Girl

Sunlight sparkled on his red scales, scattering red and gold light around the clearing. Against the natural greens and browns, Grafor's ruby coloring made him look like a wound in the land. Such a dark thought made Arisha uneasy. She shook her head to clear it - there was too much darkness creeping into her world and she must not contribute to it by adding her own.

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