Scott Jarvis Investigations

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Choices Inhaltsangabe

Number one is finally here....

A simple missing person’s case sparks off a young Orlando detective’s journey into a deadly world of shadow and mystery....

An idealist at heart, detective Scott Jarvis finds himself growing more and more disillusioned with police work. Assigned to what at first seems like a fairly mundane case to find a missing NASA engineer, he uncovers a puzzle that leads him into the dark underworld of organized crime and international intrigue. Just as he’s making real progress, Jarvis is pulled off the case and told in no uncertain terms to lay off.

Frustrated and haunted by the shadows of his past, Jarvis confronts the most important choice of his life - stay on the job or turn in his badge and become a private by somebody else’s rules or play by his own.

His choice leads him back into the shadow world of smuggling, murder, and a threat to national security that could spell disaster for the young detective.

A great beginning to a new detective series that takes you on a journey from Orlando to the Florida Keys.

©2017 Scott W. Cook (P)2020 Scott W. Cook
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