Poppy McVie Mysteries

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Operation Tropical Affair Inhaltsangabe

Poppy has a plan....

....and it may get her killed.

Is it worth the risk?

As a Federal Wildlife Agent, Poppy’s passionate about her job. She's got her badge, and now she wants to earn their respect. But all they see is 5’ 2” with perky assets. They’ve underestimated her.

That’s her best weapon.

There’s just one problem. Her annoyingly attractive partner, a former Navy Seal, and Poppy don’t see eye to eye. While he follows procedure, Poppy crafts a clever trap for the killers.

But the Costa Ricans play for keeps.

They have a crime syndicate to protect.

Will Poppy save the animals or get them all killed?

Get it now.

©2015 Kimberli A. Bindschatel (P)2017 Kimberli A. Bindschatel
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