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The Little Sleep Inhaltsangabe

Mark Genevich is a South Boston P.I. with a little problem: he's narcoleptic, and he suffers from the most severe symptoms, including hypnogogic hallucinations. These waking dreams wreak havoc for a guy who depends on real-life clues to make his living. Clients haven't exactly been beating down the door when Mark meets Jennifer Times - daughter of the powerful local D.A. and a contestant on American Star - who walks into his office with an outlandish story about a man who stole her fingers.

He awakes from his latest hallucination alone, but on his desk is a manila envelope containing risqué photos of Jennifer. Are the pictures real, and if so, is Mark hunting a blackmailer, or worse?

©2009 Paul Tremblay (P)2009 BBC Audiobooks America
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