Lives of the Saints

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Lives of the Saints, Volume I: January Inhaltsangabe

Alban Butler's Lives of the Saints is one of the most revered Catholic books after the Bible, the Missal, and The Imitation of Christ. Written in the early 19th century by Butler, an English convert to Catholicism, the collection is organized by date, which makes the work easy to use for those who want to deepen their devotion to the Saints. Each biographical entry is followed by a lesson to help believers apply the virtues of that saint to their own lives. The January volume includes, among others, Saints Almachius, Euphrosyne, Fulgentius, Felix of Bourges, Peter of Atroa, Odilo, Hugolino of Gualdo, Macarius of Alexandria, Vincentian, Stephana Quinzani, Peter Balsam, Genevieve, Bertilia of Mareuil, and Pharaildis.

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