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Vengeance Inhaltsangabe

Three years ago, Lew Fonseca quit his job as a process server with the State's Attorney's office in Cook County, Illinois, and headed for Key West. Sidetracked by fate when his car broke down in Sarasota, Florida, he decided to stick around, making ends meet by doing some investigative work for local attorneys.

Asked simply to locate the missing wife of a well-known local entrepreneur, Lew finds that finding Melanie Sebastian is anything but simple. With the help of a few dependable friends, he seems to be closing in on Melanie--but will he find her before someone else closes in on her first? Someone with much more deadly intentions.

©2000 Stuart M. Kaminsky (P)1999 Phoenix
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    Retribution Titelbild
    • Retribution

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    Midnight Pass Titelbild
    • Midnight Pass

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    Denial Titelbild
    • Denial

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    Always Say Goodbye Titelbild
    • Always Say Goodbye

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    Bright Futures Titelbild
    • Bright Futures

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