Kinsmen MC

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Jaxson (An MC Romance) Inhaltsangabe

I need to save my club...without losing her in the process.

I knew I wanted her the moment I saw her.

Those sweet brown eyes give me sleepless nights.

I thought one taste of her would be enough.

But she’s become my goddamn drug.

I’m the president of the Kinsmen MC.

And Isabelle White has turned my mundane life upside down.

All I think about is running my fingers through her dark wavy hair.

Her kissable lips beg for me for shut out the rest of the world.

And now that the club is in trouble...

She’s the one thing that’s keeping me together.

I’m obsessed.

My father started this club.

I will give my life trying to keep it safe.

And I will never let the danger take Isabelle from me.

©2019 J.C. Allen (P)2019 J.C. Allen
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