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His past holds a secret...

Arie Cush has a secret that he thought he'd left behind. When his past follows him to Chicago he must protect someone that reminds him of all the painful memories he's tried so hard to forget. But when every touch from her sets his heart and body on fire--he finds it hard to maintain his aloof façade.

That becomes her nightmare.

Holly Ellis has secrets of her own. An encounter with the handsome stranger who frequents her coffee shop reveals a vampire with baggage. Even though it might be more than she bargained for, she can't resist the one person who understands her. But her life is in danger and a supernatural threat could reveal the underground world of vampires to humankind in this Gothic Cinderella re-telling.

Heat Level: This book is a steamy romance. It's the development of a romantic relationship that contains more explicit language and sex. The sex is not an inherent part of the story, character growth, or relationship development, and if removed you still have an amazing plot.

Warning: This book is fictitious. The bdsm portrayed in this story does not portray the lifestyle. Vampires will be vampires. They don't exactly stop to discuss a scene, pain thresholds, and there is no aftercare involved. Trust is an intrinsic part of the lifestyle. Use due diligence and research before deciding to make fiction into reality.

©900000 A.C. James (P)2014 A.C. James
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  • 1. Titel

    Eternal Ever After Titelbild
    • Eternal Ever After

    • Ever After Series, Book 1
    • Autor: A.C. James
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  • 1.5. Titel

    Winter Promises Titelbild
    • Winter Promises

    • Ever After Series, Book 1.5
    • Autor: A.. C. James
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  • 2. Titel

    Fallen Ever After Titelbild
    • Fallen Ever After

    • Ever After, Book 2
    • Autor: A.C. James
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  • 3. Titel

    Beyond Ever After Titelbild
    • Beyond Ever After

    • Ever After, Volume 3
    • Autor: A.C. James
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