The Ender Saga

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Andrew “Ender” Wiggin is a six-year-old genius and the result of decades of genetic experimentation. Ender might also be the only person who can save humans from extinction at the hands of an interstellar insect race.

Join Ender as he attends the prestigious Battle School, advancing in leaps and bounds due to his ruthless cunning, and evolves into the general destined to save the world. Packed with action, this fascinating series goes beyond planetary exploration to touch on timely issues such as cultural awareness, global and interpersonal politics, and overcoming the barriers to understanding members of different “species”.

The shifting political landscape and tense emotional scenes are captured flawlessly by a cast of award-winning narrators and noted actors, including Stefan Rudnicki, Scott Brick, John Rubinstein, and David Birney. From space to Earth, jump into each journey Ender undertakes and every danger he braves - war between alien races, threat of a deadly virus, his own banishment from Earth, and more.

Ender’s Game, book one in the series, started life as a novelette, focusing on vignettes from Ender Wiggin’s formative Battle School days. In the full-length novel, Orson Scott Card dived deeper into the political machinations of Ender’s world. In the anniversary audiobook edition, the author stated that Ender’s Game was written to establish Ender as a character for his later novel, Speaker of the Dead, giving birth to the series, and cited works of Isaac Asimov and Bruce Catton as his inspiration.

Winner of both the Hugo and Nebula Awards, Ender’s Game was the first science fiction novel published entirely online, originally debuting on Delphi Forums.

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