Christmas Hope

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The Christmas Shoes Inhaltsangabe

Donna VanLiere's The Christmas Shoes is an extraordinary tale based on the #1 hit single of the same name. The unforgettable, heartwarming song by NewSong instantly soared to the top of the charts, mesmerizing listeners. The book captured the hearts of readers everywhere.

Robert is a successful attorney who has everything in life, and nothing at all. Focused on professional achievement and material rewards, Robert has lost sight of his wife, family and, ultimately, himself. An eight-year-old Nathan is losing his beloved mother, Maggie, to cancer. But Nathan and his family are building a simple yet full life, and struggling to hold on to every moment they have.

A chance meeting on Christmas Eve brings Robert and Nathan together, and in this one encounter their lives are forever altered as Robert learns an important lesson: sometimes the smallest things can make all the difference.

Donna VanLiere's The Christmas Shoes, a tale of our shared humanity, is a universal story of the deeper meaning of serendipity and how a power greater than ourselves can shape, and even save, our lives.

©2001 Donna VanLiere (P)2001 Audio Renaissance, A Division Of Holtzbrinck Publishers, LLC
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