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Camelot Overthrown: An Arthurian LitRPG (Camelot LitRPG) Inhaltsangabe

An RPG game that lets you join King Arthur and fight against Evil

Britain is threatened by the minions of the evil Satanus, and King Arthur calls out for brave knights to come and defend the realm.

Join Gorrow as he rises up from Level 1, hones his knightly skills, upgrades his weapons, makes friends, and builds a village on his way from Squire to Knight.

As he levels, his progress is threatened by the ever encroaching armies of Satanus, who threaten even Camelot itself. 

Gorrow must race to improve himself so he has the skills to aid King Arthur’s armies in their fight to defeat evil. And at the same time he needs to build and protect his settlement. 

In the last days, King Arthur sends out a call. If Camelot falls, surely the whole kingdom will fall too? Then who will resist Satanus as his black tide threatens to overwhelm the medieval island of Britain?

Camelot Overthrown is the first book set in a future virtual reality fantasy role playing by Miskatonic Games.

©2017 Tony Walker (P)2019 Tony Walker
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