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Ask Amy Green: Summer Secrets Inhaltsangabe

Amy is trapped in family vacation hell until she and Clover, her teenage aunt, get a chance to interview a hot US movie star with a secret.

Could this summer be any worse? Thirteen-year-old Amy’s dreamy boyfriend, Seth, is off to Rome, while she gets to spend two weeks on a tiny Irish island with a nagging mom and a neurotic aunt locked in a feud, not to mention a crazy stepdad and a surly cousin. Good thing Clover, teen advice columnist supreme, is there to keep Amy from going completely nuts! It doesn’t help Amy’s changeable mood that Seth keeps mentioning some girl in his emails, or that Amy feels an electric attraction to the mysterious young gardener next door. So when The Goss magazine unexpectedly sends Clover to glitzy Miami to write a revealing piece on a hot young actor (with Amy as her sidekick, of course) it couldn’t come at a better time. US of Amazing here they come!

©2011 Sarah Webb (P)2011 Brilliance Audio, Inc.
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