Aroostine Higgins

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Critical Vulnerability Inhaltsangabe

Sabotage. Arson. Attempted murder. Dealing with terrible crimes is Aroostine Higgins' job as an assistant US attorney in the Department of Justice's elite Criminal Division. Except this time she's the victim - and the perpetrator is a faceless mastermind who's derailing her life. He makes her latest court case vanish, he sets her home ablaze, and he nearly kills her when she undergoes surgery, all from behind the terrifying veil of anonymity.

Aided by a brilliant computer programmer, this mysterious and lethal man can access every detail of the attorney's life. There's no havoc he can't wreak with a few dangerous keystrokes - and nothing he won't do to achieve his goals. When the person she loves most is abducted, Roo must risk her career - and her life - to save him.

©2015 Melissa F. Miller (P)2014 Brilliance Audio, all rights reserved.
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