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The Mask of Perpetuity - Book 1 - A George Melville Mystery Inhaltsangabe

This is the first book in the George Melville Mystery series and as such sees our eponymous hero, investigative officer George Melville, who works for a law firm, get tangled up in the murky world of pre-Second World War espionage. He meets an eccentric Scottish laird who in fact is his British secret service contact, as he is unsuspectingly thrust into the dangerous life as an ill-prepared secret agent in Hong Kong, Macau, Cairo, and eventually Ireland, where he meets again his old friend Inspector Dodds, along with a policewoman named Yvonne, and together they are faced with the impossible task of saving the international reputation of Great Britain and foiling a desperate Nazi plot to raise money for espionage in England. It puts together a team who will forge a close-knit bond that will see them through at least seven episodes of mysteries as they experience A George Melville Mystery.

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    • The Hand of Destiny: Book 2 (A George Melville Mystery)

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