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    • How to Make a Plant Love You

    • Cultivate Green Space in Your Home and Heart
    • Autor: Summer Rayne Oakes
    • Sprecher: Summer Rayne Oakes, Simon Sinek, Kaleo Griffith
    • Spieldauer: 5 Std. und 1 Min.
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    When Summer Rayne Oakes moved to Brooklyn from the Pennsylvania countryside, she knew that bringing nature indoors was her only chance to stay sane. She found them by the side of the road, in long-forgotten window boxes, at farmers' markets, and in local garden shops. She found ways to shelve, hang, tuck, anchor, secure, and suspend them. She even installed 150-foot expandable hose that connects to pipes under her kitchen sink, so she only has to spend about a half-hour a day tending to her plants - an activity that she describes as a "moving meditation". T 

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    • Find Your Why

    • A Practical Guide for Discovering Purpose for You and Your Team
    • Autor: Simon Sinek, David Mead, Peter Docker
    • Sprecher: Stephen Shedletzky, Simon Sinek
    • Spieldauer: 4 Std. und 56 Min.
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    Start with Why has led millions of listeners to rethink everything they do in their personal lives, their careers, and their organizations. Now, Find Your Why picks up where Start with Why left off. It tells you how to apply Simon Sinek's powerful insights so you can find more inspiration at work - and, in turn, inspire those around you. Whether you've just started your first job, are leading a team, or are CEO of your own company, the exercises in this audiobook will guide you along a path to long-term success and fulfillment - for both you and your colleagues.

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