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    Do you struggle to work out where to spend your marketing budget to grow sales?

    Are you always getting distracted by the latest "must-have" marketing tool?

    Have you struggled to work out how to improve your marketing?

    This easy-to-read and hype-free book will help you to understand what marketing you should be doing, and how to optimize your marketing for sales growth.

    Written to help time-poor eCommerce marketers and business owners, this book will become the marketing handbook that sits on your desk ready to help you solve each future marketing challenge.

    As well as walking you through each of the essential eCommerce marketing methods it includes tips that will improve your marketing in every channel.

    But this isn't just a list of ideas, at the heart of the book is the Customer MasterPlan Model. An easy to use, powerful system you can use to make the marketing decisions every time in your business.

    eCommerce Marketing: How to get Traffic that BUYS to Your Website is the only eCommerce traffic book you need. Including:

    • 10 specific eCommerce marketing methods explained
    • Complete guide to the Customer MasterPlan Model - your new decision making tool
    • Seven marketing maxims - ways you can quickly improve the performance of any marketing you're doing
    • How to improve BOTH customer acquisition AND customer retention

    Follow the advice in this book to create the marketing activity that will supercharge your sales growth.

    ©2019 Chloe Thomas (P)2019 Chloe Thomas

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