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    This book is filled with basic information of what Zen Buddhism is. It contains the different teachings and principles of Zen together with the ways on how you can start living the Zen lifestyle. This book contains easy ways on how to start your Zen meditation practice, including all the things you need. With simple yet insightful content, this book is well-equipped with answers to a multitude of questions you've had about Zen Buddhism and meditation in the course of looking for happiness and fulfillment in life.

    • Learn what Zen Buddhism is all about.
    • Learn about the history and origin of Zen in order to completely understand how it came to be.
    • Learn about the true meaning of happiness and how you can achieve it.
    • Learn about the self as the vehicle to find and experience a peaceful life here on earth.
    • Learn about the importance of practicing meditation and all its corresponding benefits.
    • Learn how to live a simple life devoid of all the material things that blind us from achieving genuine happiness.

    Adapting to a lifestyle that is based on the Zen principles may seem to be hard at first because of the need to detach to things that are useless. But, if you really have the desire to feel truly good about yourself through knowing who and what you are, then the Zen life may just be right for you.

    ©2015 Sam SIv (P)2015 Sam Siv

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