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    You have your goals for your business, whether it is online or not. But did you know that the “thief of time” called procrastination can wreck havoc on all those goals?

    In dealing with this issue, a close examination of procrastination must be done to better understand its workings and how it attaches itself on us. But how will we know the danger of shiny objects and why is wool gathering great for sheep? You must learn why it is so important to stay on top of your business and how important it is to prioritize. Did you know having long to do list is wrong? Learn how to prioritize when all your clients are important and as the pressure increases you must learn to master the art of delegation. What impact will sticking to the schedule have on the business and what are the benefits of having flexible schedule? For you to be successful you must also learn how to grow the business and how important it is to study your competition. In achieving you goals you will discover how vital it is to have a business plan and how effective you can be when you execute what is in the plan.

    Very soon you will notice that procrastination will be stopped in its tracks and goals will become a reality. Truly an inspiring eBook!

    ©2014 Clayton Mathile (P)2014 Alex Coffey

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