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    This is a book about yoga. And a book about so much more. It is a book about my passion for this ancient practice that has found a new lease of life in the modern world, and it is a book about all the benefits - visible and invisible - of adopting yoga, not just as an enjoyable form of exercise, but as a healthy lifestyle choice that will pay multiple dividends to your health and well-being in both the short and long term.

    This is not a book about showing off because you can do a headstand or balance on the palms of your hands. This is a book that reveals the deeper meanings of the postures (asanas), teaches you the importance of using the breath (pranayama) to generate a stronger life force (prana), and shows you how to trigger the calming but still alert theta brain wave patterns as you master the art of mediation.

    You’ll learn the benefits of a daily yoga practice. You’ll learn how to self-heal with yoga. You’ll learn meditation, mudras, and mantras. You’ll learn the right type of yoga for you. You’ll learn how to balance your chakras with yoga.

    They say the hardest step in yoga is always the first step - which is stepping onto your mat to start your yoga practice or class. There is, if you will allow it, no part of your inner or outer life that yoga will not have a profoundly beneficial impact on.

    You just have to be willing to step onto your yoga mat and go along for the ride. Namaste! Get the audiobook today!

    ©2021 Blue House Publishing, LLC (P)2021 Blue House Publishing, LLC

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