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  • Wuhan 2020 Outbreak: Definition, Symptoms, Transmission, Prevention

  • All You Need to Know About SARS-Cov-2 Including a Simple Guideline to Protect Yourself and How to Use N95 Mask Correctly
  • Geschrieben von: Michael Ellis
  • Gesprochen von: Charles Hubbell
  • Spieldauer: 4 Std. und 14 Min.
  • Kategorien: Gesundheit & Wellness

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    Do you really know this new virus that is terrorizing the whole world?

    If you want to know everything about this new scourge that is manifesting on our planet, then you have found the right book for you!

    COVID-19 is a dangerous virus that is affecting more people each day, and it’s essential that you be aware of its symptoms, how it’s transferred, the types of treatments available, and how you can prevent it from infecting you when/where possible.

    This book on COVID-19 was written based on solid, clinical data and research in order to help you better understand the virus that’s at large today. This book will show you how to keep yourself from contracting the illness, how to keep the spread of germs and illness to a minimum, and what to do if you find yourself exposed.

    In details, the book brings you all of this as well as:

    • What is COVID-19 and where does it come from?
    • How does the virus spread and who is at risk?
    • How it’s transmitted from one person to another and which symptoms produce.
    • How those who are infected or quarantined can avoid spreading it to others.
    • Its affects on pregnant women and what should be done if any symptoms may occur.
    • What are the main prevention and protection measures to be taken to avoid contracting the virus.
    • Simple guidelines to protect yourself and how to use an n95 mask correctly.
    • And much more.

    Suitable for individuals, families, healthcare professionals, educators, business owners, and anyone else who needs to develop a better understanding of how to protect yourself.

    Click “Buy Now” and see how you can get started protecting you and your family today!

    ©2020 Michael Ellis (P)2020 Michael Ellis

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