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    Wrecked (Book 1):

    The club has found me my perfect woman.

    I have my eyes set on her.

    Chrissy is pure.

    An innocent angel who needs to escape her troubles.

    She'll live in my mansion, and submit to me completely.  

    I'll treat her like the queen she is.

    Claim her innocence before someone else can.

    I'll do anything to protect Chrissy.

    To make her worries disappear. 

    But will she choose to see past my darkness and trust me?

    Taken (Book 2):

    I had the perfect plan to get back at my biggest enemy.

    Kidnap his daughter.

    The club made it look like she'd gone on a retreat.   

    But instead, she was here.

    In my possession.

    Her big green eyes begged me for mercy.

    She knew I wasn't going to let her go.

    I'd fallen in love with her. 

    Her soft skin had become my obsession.

    Would she return back to me if I let her escape?

    ©2020 C.C. Piper (P)2020 C.C. Piper

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