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Wraith King

Autor: Jack Porter
Sprecher: Chris Graves
Spieldauer: 6 Std. und 10 Min.

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Dead or alive? 

Not a hard question, and pretty easy to figure out either way. Usually. 

Except I've somehow woken up in a place called Hell, and I'm not entirely sure I died first. 

I thought it was a practical joke. Until a warrior woman tried to kill me, and I rescued an elf and a succubus from slavers. Then I started to realize something strange was going on. I didn't know the half of it. 

Turns out, this Hell is being terrorized by an evil Wraith King, and he’s hell-bent on bringing all of Hell under his dominion. He also happens to control the portal back to our world, which I very much want to use. 

So here I am, preparing for battle against an army of 10,000 wraiths, Hellhounds, and sorcerers. 

If we win, Hell might be changed forever. 

But the chances of that are achingly slim. 

Warning: Wraith King is a medieval portal fantasy intended for mature listeners 18+. It contains explicit relationships with multiple women in a harem, as well as medieval warfare, nudity, and sensuous warrior females who find Jon to be different from the men of their world. And while Jon finds himself having more fun in Hell than he would have imagined, the dangers are real, with blood, violence, and epic battle scenes galore.

Listen at your own risk.

©2019, 2020 Jack Porter (P)2020 Jack Porter

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