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  • Would You Rather & Truth or Dare 2 in 1

  • Interactive Game Book for Kids, Family and Friends Silly Scenarios, Hilarious Jokes and Challenging Choises
  • Autor: Creative BO
  • Sprecher: David Martin
  • Spieldauer: 6 Std. und 20 Min.
  • Kategorien: Kinder-Hörbücher

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This is the only collection of "would you rather" and "truth or dare" questions your family will ever need! 

Would you rather bond with your family and friends or spend your days mindlessly scrolling your social media feeds?

If you prefer the first option...what about a "would you rather" game?

Or maybe a round of "truth or dare"?

Do you like these games but usually run out of questions after five minutes?

This book is here to save you!

Classic games like "would you rather" and "truth or dare" never go out of fashion. First, they're undoubtedly fun, especially if the questions get weird or gross. Second, they're more useful than you probably think!

The "would you rather" game stimulates children's imagination, helps expand their vocabulary, and boosts their logical thinking skills. It also hones critical thinking and problem-solving skills when played at any age.

"Truth or dare" is another classic game that can be played at any age (as long as the questions stay age-appropriate). It's an excellent icebreaker and a fun way to bond with everyone in the room!

However, don't worry. This book will save your family evening or your party!

Here's what you'll find in this book:  

  • Fun fantasy-themed questions to stimulate the imagination
  • Cringe-inducing questions for additional fun
  • Questions on a variety of relatable topics like animals, travel, and food
  • Crazy "truth or dare" questions to spice up any party or family event

The questions have been carefully chosen to be family-friendly so you don't accidentally stumble across adult content while using this book.

PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase this title, the accompanying PDF will be available in your Audible Library along with the audio.

©2020 Creative BO (P)2020 Creative BO

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