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Workplace Violence in Law Enforcement

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Workplace Violence in Law Enforcement discusses the profession of law enforcement from a statistical viewpoint in terms of violent occurrences. These violent occurrences are not always fatal, yet law enforcement more than any other profession has the highest risk of a demonstration of fatal or non-fatal violence. In depicting this violence, the case of Carl Burtion and James Irby is a center of focus. A look at 50 other cases is part of a major three-year study of the FBI in determining the motives and likelihoods of these attacks. It seems these individuals have an inclination of concealing weapons. Much of the time, these individuals are trained in the use of firearms even more so than the officers who legally yield the weapons. Officers who fail to comply by regulations find out their inclinations are eventually going to be wrong when the suspect-offender makes the decision to avoid capture at all costs. Whether these thoughts and attacks are premature or premeditated, the violence associating with the workplace in law enforcement is of really no comparison.

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