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Women Who Kill

True Crime Stories of Killer Women, Serial Killers, and Psychopathic Women Who Kill for Pleasure
Autor: Brody Clayton
Sprecher: John Fiore
Spieldauer: 40 Min.

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When male serial killers are on the loose, they tend to make headlines - for example, Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer. Men like these are infamous for the terror that they inflicted on the general population. Many of these men are diagnosed as psychopaths.

The reasons for them going down the paths that they chose are analysed, studied, and read about. There was a time, however, that all such crimes were always automatically linked to a man. A general perception was quite common, that there is no such thing as female serial killers and psychopaths.

In fact, female killers can sometimes be more lethal, and the murders that they commit can be just as cold and calculated as those of men. When women and men turn to murder and crime, they leave a wake of disappearances and blood in their path, a path that may be discovered after years have passed.

Now, be it male or female, analysts have sat them down and assessed their mental progress. Things have changed over the decades. Their crimes are weighed in the same scales as their male counterparts, and now they can't hide themselves by claiming to be absolutely innocent.

Here is a preview of what you'll learn....

  • Delphine La Laurie and her house of horrors
  • Elizabeth Bathory - the Blood Countess
  • Nannie Doss - Nancy Hazel, the husband killer
  • Nannie Doss - the second husband
  • Nannie Doss - the third victim
  • Nannie Doss - four husbands in a row
  • Nannie Doss - last man standing
  • Much, much more!
©2015 Brody Clayton (P)2017 Brody Clayton

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