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    In the dramatized biography Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: 1756 – 1791, we first see the Austrian composer as a seven-year-old child prodigy performing to royalty on the violin.

    With Mozart’s music playing in the background, this riveting biography shows the maestro was obsessed with music at a young age. Significant figures in his life, including his father, Leopold, are skillfully voiced. As a child we see him travel to England and write his first symphony. A trip to Munich produced his opera La finta giardiniera. Later on, he is hired by the Archbishop Colloredo, who treated him as a servant and was one of many difficult relationships with patrons.

    In his fluid, erudite performance of David Allen’s work, Richard Mayes not only recounts major events in Mozart’s career up to his death at age 35 but offers insights into his creative process.


    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is without doubt the most famous of all musical child prodigies. At the age of 6 he enthralled the Austrian Court with his unbelievable virtuosity. Yet he died friendless and in poverty at the age of 36, a victim of jealousy, and vicious intrigue. Mozart's story is a tragedy, but one filled with superb music; for he brought new colour, passion and power to opera, symphony and concerto.
    ©1977 David Allen (P)1977 Ivan & Inge Berg

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