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    This book begins by explaining the biblical command to strategize and prepare for war in the spiritual world. It also answers the question of why we have to fight in the "spiritual world", and provides a biblically sound and scripturally supported explanation for the creation of our enemy. Pastor Razor explains how, in the very make-up of humans, God has prepared us to be victorious against our spiritual enemies. 

    This book takes us through very detailed explanations of the parts of man, and the role each part has in spiritual warfare. A four-step biblical "best practice" for winning wars against spiritual enemies is then put forth in detail with supporting scriptures. This book concludes by analyzing Jesus’ successful use of this four-step method.

    Terms such as "spiritual sponsors" and the "dual citizenship" of man are introduced and defined. This book is an asset for all Christians facing sickness, poverty, depression, or any form of spiritual opposition; and should be in every Christian’s library. This book will produce results in spiritual warfare that will manifest in your natural life. Your life will improve!

    ©2021 Henry L. Razor (P)2021 Henry L. Razor

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