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    Theo Alistair hides his darkness from everyone, pretending to be normal.

    You have darkness in you, too, Lucy Page.

    I’m the only one who can see through his façade. It doesn’t scare me - it fascinates me.

    Like calls to like.

    Once he shows me his true colors, I’m hooked. My fascination turns into obsession, but he encourages it.

    Fight me, little monster.

    But a new player can change everything. Can threaten everything we hold dear.

    They better run while they can....

    Suddenly, we’re thrust into an even deadlier game. And if I’ve learned anything, it’s that Theo Alistair doesn’t share.

    I’ll kill them all to keep you.

    And neither do I.

    Wild Fury is a stand-alone in the Fallen Royals series but is best enjoyed after books one through five. This is a dark romance - listener discretion is advised.

    ©2021 S. Massery (P)2021 S. Massery

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