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    Lawrence Block, writing as John Warren Wells, introduces you to men and women who are trying every possible kind of sexual combination to make marriage work in bold new ways. Threesomes. Open adultery. Swapping. Group marriage. And a hundred variants of every possible sexual experiment within the marital relationship, surpassing the most erotic fiction.

    Here's a sampling of what they have to say:

    • "Once you've taken the first big step of having sex with another couple, it's easy to start doing a lot of other things society regards as perverted." - a swinging husband

      "I tend to get into trios a lot. I don't know why, exactly. It happens. Being bi probably has something to do with it." - a girl member of a threesome

      "He was a man I had slept with a couple of times, and I thought of just starting an affair with him and not letting him know I was getting pregnant, but I rejected that. ...So I went to him and told him what I wanted." - an unmarried mother (by choice)

      These are some of the men and women who candidly tell their stories in - Wide Open: New Modes of Marriage.

    ©1973, 2012 Lawrence Block (P)2014 Lawrence Block

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