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    This essay sheds light on why you are a materialistic shopaholic and provides ample solutions for how to curb your shopping addiction. Moreover, how to make money to finance your compulsive shopping addiction is delineated in this essay.

    In spite of their stigmatized perceptions, people still continue to embrace materialism, consumerism, collecting, hoarding, and shopping sprees. In other words, the excess spending on needless items never ceases for materialistic shopaholics, irrespective of how these insalubrious shopping habits are perceived by others.

    There are ample reasons that shed light as to why people have an unremitting obsession with embracing collecting, shopping, consumerism, and materialism beyond just doing so to alleviate boredom. Shopping elicits a dopamine release in the brain which draw forth a pleasurable sensation we all crave to feel. Engaging in compulsive shopping can be arduous to resist and it associated with the “need to gain control, genuine impulsiveness and compulsiveness, the need to attain perfection, the need to attain approval from others, the need to attain excitement, and the need to fill an empty inner void. Moreover, these compulsive shopping habits can also be associated with have experienced deprivation in childhood as well as the inability to tolerate negative feelings, such as boredom, depression, fear, pain, loneliness, and anger” (Tracy, 2019).

    In other words, the causes behind compulsive shopping habits are multitudinous and can even be traced back to problems that the compulsive shopping addict experienced during their childhood. For instance, someone with a stressful and unpleasant childhood in which they experienced a life of minimalism and having to cope with having far less than their childhood friends may feel compelled to be materialistic and compulsively shop as an adult in order to never experience materialistic deprivation ever again.

    The desire to compulsively shop can be genuine as it is fueled by constant exposure to products we love throughout social media platforms. For instance, collectors of action figure can watch action figure collection videos, action figure review videos, action figure news videos, and action figure customization tutorial videos on social media platforms which rekindles their love for action figures and reminds them to conscientiously buy more action figures of nostalgic comic book characters and pop culture characters they love.

    Shopping addictions can be deleterious since they culminate in shopaholics overspending their income on items they cannot afford to pay for in full. These compulsive shopping addictions preempt people from being able to invest their money into buying income generating assets, such as equities with high dividend yields, and they also can adversely impact relationships, especially when spending habits are unbridled and not kept in check.

    People shop to alleviate stress, escape the monotonies of everyday life, and to attain abundance in their life. Succumbing to the ramifications of a compulsive shopping addiction can come at the cost of shopaholics paying substantial interest fees on items they cannot afford to pay in full. Moreover, shopaholics will also have to work more hours than most to fuel their egregious spending habits.

    Unlike a minimalist, a shopaholic may have to work seven days of the week just to be able to make partial payments on their credit cards. Succumbing to a compulsive shopping addiction bears a major cost against your time, wealth, and health.

    Causes of a compulsive shopping addiction go beyond this insalubrious shopping behavior being a mechanism for coping with hardships and emotional pain by being able to elicit a dopamine release every time the shopaholic shops. A shopping addiction can be spurred by a collector’s love for material possessions, such as action figures, that are apart of prodigious collection based on a series they genuinely love.

    ©2019 Dr. Harrison Sachs (P)2020 Dr. Harrison Sachs

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